Village Motobu,
an activity-based

Have fun to the fullest while experiencing marine animals and Okinawan culture
in the great nature of Yanbaru
in northern Okinawa.

Popular dolphin programs where you can interact with dolphins,
a full range of marine activities, a variety of Okinawan cultural experiences, as well as interactive Animal Programs offer thrills for children and adults.


  • activity

    About 60 kinds of experiences that can be enjoyed all day!

  • Dolphin Program

    Swim with dolphins in our popular Dolphin Program

  • Shisa

    Even in bad weather High performance rate and indoor programs

  • for small children

    Moms and dads can rest assured A full range of programs for small children

  • animal

    Touch a tortoise or a Yonaguni horse Interactive Animal Program

Instagram Wellness Village

On our official Instagram, we deliver content featuring adorable dolphins
and other animals as well as the seasons of Okinawa!