Privacy Policy

At Wellness Village Motobu, we put our customer's trust first and strive to provide satisfactory services.
We may collect sensitive personal data during the booking process as part of our work.
We believe it is our obligation to appropriately use and manage names, addresses, telephone numbers, or other data that can be used to identify the individual. We therefore declare the following initiatives in conducting our business.

1Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Data

We have established systems to protect and manage personal data and will comply with regulations regarding its collection, use, and provision.

2Safeguarding Personal Data

We will take reasonable preventative and corrective action against personal data risks (unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification) and ensure the security and accuracy of personal data.

3Compliance with Laws and Standards on Personal Data

We will stay aware of and comply with laws and regulations on personal data.

4Continuous Improvement of Personal Data Protection Initiatives

We will constantly strive to improve and enhance our initiatives to protect personal data properly.

5Contact Information for Matters Concerning Personal Data Protection

April 1, 2009, General Manager